Terms & Conditions

These terms & conditions confirm your agreement to the support and service provided by phoenix student support.

  1. By using the Phoenix student support website and using the service provided as mentioned on their website you acknowledge that you accept all the following terms and conditions of this agreement.
  2. 1 Authorisation to use the Phoenix student support website and Application Centre
  3. In consideration of you agreeing to abide by the terms of this Agreement, you are hereby granted use of the Phoenix student support website and Application Centre on your own personal computer in connection with your application to one or more higher education institutions.
  4. You must refrain from using the website content and Application Centre in any other way than it was intended and or copying, reverse-engineering, and adapting the software into any other product or service. The Application Centre must not be used for any commercial purpose without the specific authorisation of Phoenix student support limited- UK .
  5. You must not publish or disclose to any unauthorised person any confidential information relating to the Phoenix student support website and or Application Centre.

3.Authorisation to use materials and documents uploaded by you as part of your application

  1. You hereby grant us authorisation to use all data, text, documents, information, or other materials which you provide to us (“Applicant Data”) in connection with your use of the Application Centre. This authorisation allows us to:
  2. process, store and electronically reproduce the Applicant Data, displaying this data in the Application Centre
  3. reproduce and send Applicant Data to higher education institutions chosen by you as part of your application, and any other agreed third parties
  4. Accuracy of information
  5. The information and supports services provided by website is updated at least quarterly and is in nearly all cases an accurate representation of current market data. Accommodation providers may cancel and introduce new information to Phoenix student support limited to provide updates; in the case that an Applicant has chosen a service that has been cancelled, Phoenix student support will notify each Applicant as soon as we are aware of such changes. Applicants can also check accommodation providers websites for the latest information.
  6. Termination

If you fail to confirm to the terms and conditions listed in this agreement, Phoenix student support limited reserves the right to terminate your use of the website at any time.