Terms & Conditions

Services – Terms and condition. Airport pick-up and ad-hoc Services. Phoenix student support does not apply any charges for flight delays. For all airport pick-ups, we track the flight and amend the “requested pickup” time according to the actual “flight landing time”. This is so that the driver is in the arrival’s hall at the appropriate time. For Airport pick-up please fill the booking form which contains: Flight Landing time: This is the time which your flight is scheduled to land Requested pick-up time: The is the time which, you want to be picked up.  
  • After the requested pickup time, there will be a 60 minutes FREE waiting time at the airport.
  • Our driver will be waiting for you in the arrival’s hall, with an “Airport Pickups” name board with your name on it. They will then accompany you to the vehicle.
  • If you realise that you will not be able to meet the driver within the 60 minutes, contact us via our company landline to inform the delay. if you contact us, we will hold the driver in the terminal at the below shown cost.
For example, if your flight lands at 08:00 am, and you have requested your pickup time to be 90 mins after the flight landing time at 09:30 am; our driver will be in the terminal at 09:30 am. The driver will wait till 11:30 am FREE of charge. After this time, the below charges will apply.    
Duration Charge
0 – 30 minutes £10.00
30 – 60 minutes £20.00
60 – 90 minutes £30.00
90 – 120 minutes £40.00
  • If you cannot locate your driver and you seek an alternative method of transport without first contacting Phoenix student support to try and resolve the situation, you will be charged based on the service booked.
Our 24/7 contact number is +44
  • In the event of special circumstances
  • [Example – If the customer has been delayed in a connecting flight. As per customer request the company may agree to extend the waiting time. The extended waiting time would incur airport parking charges which will be payable by the customer upon arrival. Additional payments charge as mentioned in clause 1.3 applies]. which should be paid via Online payment link provided by the company upon boarding the vehicle.
  • In the event of the cancellation of airport pick-up service, the following conditions shall apply:
  • In the event that the Customer fails to provides the 48 hours’ notice, the Customer shall forfeit any right to refund or rescheduling and the Fees and Travel Charges shall still be due.
  • If the Customer provides 48 hours’ notice or more before the cancellation of the airport pick up service the customer shall be entitled to rearrange the Pick-up service as per request without any additional Fees.
  • Notice of cancellation of an airport pickup service will be notified via email / SMS to the contact details provided by the customer.
  1. Accommodation
  • We Phoenix student support limited as a company help our customers in pre booking and securing an accommodation in the UK with the help of third-party landlords / accommodation providers.
  • We are entitled to provide application assistance for pre-booking and securing accommodation as per student /customer requirements.
  • Our charges are based on the service of sourcing accommodation on behalf the student/customer and as per their requirements specified prior to arrival to the UK.
  • The accommodation provider / landlord will use their own terms and conditions within their tenancy agreement. Phoenix student support limited act as a mediator between customer and the landlord and only applies charges based on our service and we as a company are not liable for any contracts which is signed between customer and the landlord /Accommodation agency/University accommodation provider etc.
  • We Phoenix student support limited and are not liable for the following;
    • Any future changes to the contract that are initiated by the accommodation provider e.g., rent charges, utility bills, deposits or admin charges.
    • Any loss made on cancellation charges that applies from within the terms of contract with the accommodation provider.
    • Any deposit paid to an accommodation provider via our Sites is held by the accommodation provider / landlord and not by Phoenix student support limited.
    • At any event or at the end of a tenancy agreement, you must contact the accommodation provider / landlord to obtain the return of your deposit.
  • Any tenancy agreement for accommodation will be between a student / customer and an accommodation provider / landlord. The student / customer is responsible to make themselves aware of the Advertiser’s cancellation policy at the time of booking.
  • We do not represent, or negotiate, or act on behalf of either accommodation provider / landlord or student / customer.
  • We do not accept any responsibility for the confirmation of an accommodation provider / landlord Where a third party and does not act on student / customer’s behalf. It is the student / customer’s responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the information provided by the accommodation provider / landlord.
  1. CV writing [1-1 Support session].
3.1 We Phoenix student support limited are only obliged to provide 1;1 CV writing guidance via online platforms on zoom/ teams etc.
  1. The 1;1 session will be a video conferencing session is of 2 parts and are 1 hr sessions each.
  2. The 1st hr will be to understand your skills sets and to support in writing a personalised CV as per our customer’s request. Upon completion of the CV within 2 days.
  • The 2nd session is a 1hr session is to provide you feedback and advisory to support our customers to secure employment.
  • The following condition will apply under the circumstances as mentioned.
  • If the customer is not present, the 1;1 video call session will be cancelled and re-scheduled to the next available date as per the customer’s request based on subject to availability.
  • The time and Dates for video call session once fixed to a particular date and time can be rescheduled only once and not further and will be deemed as cancelled if no prior notice is provided.
  • The CV writing 1;1 session and part time job guidance are a package with and cannot be bought separately.
4.Part time job guidance.
  • We phoenix student support Limited are a service provider and have networks within UK to provide our customers with guidance on how to apply for jobs and support you as required.
  • We are not liable for your employment with in the UK are not liable for the following;
  1. We phoenix student support Limited are not a Recruitment agency/employee to guarantee our Student / Customer for employment within the UK.
  2. We do not work with any recruitment / Employment agencies or any third-party companies to support the recruitment process for employment.
  • We constantly provide posts, emails and newsletters on our website to support you about the opportunities available in the local market.
    1. We are only entitled to provide guidance and to help you connect within networks to support you for part-time jobs
5. Telephone support We phoenix student support Limited provide telephone support to you within UK on any queries related to the following.
  • Opening a Bank Account.
    1. Guidance on choosing banks
    2. Support to open a current account/ students account.
  • Assist to make the application process fast and easy
  • Support on Mode of transport.
    1. Provide support with a comprehensive list of third-party apps and website for cost effective and budget friendly mode of transport.
  • Registration steps for NI number.
    1. Guidance on NI number application
    2. Support to setup and account and register.
  • Registration steps for GP.
    1. Guidance on choosing your nearest GP.
    2. Assist in the application process to acquire a GP number
  • Support to setup and account and register.
  • Banking and direct debit support.
    1. Guidance on how to save money and manage your finances and direct debits in order to benefit for it.
  • Credit score Building.
    1. Guidance on how to maintain your finances in order and build an excellent credit score to make an affordability in the UK.
  • Emergency Currency Conversion
    1. Guidance to setup international money transfer accounts – To help you to accommodate the sending and receival of foreign currency effortless.
  • Guidance around the City 
    1. Guidance to Budget friendly places and shopping and Navigation around city.